Boldo or Peumus Boldo
Boldo is a monotype species of the Peumus genre, endemic tree originative of Chile, grows from the south to the cental zone. The tree is about 7 meters high, and it’s leaves have a strong vegetal aroma which is used for medicinal and culinary purposes specially in Latin America. Widely used for the treatment of digestive disorders affecting the gallbladder, bile ducts, liver and pancreas.
Components: Essential oils (with ascaridol, eucalyptus and p-cymol), various alkaloids (boldine and others). The maximum humidity content allowed for export Boldo leaf is 14%.


Boldo is highly valued for its medicinal properties since before the Spanish conquest, widely used by indigenous Mapuches, but it was only until the begginig of last century that it received attention from naturalists and scientists worldwide. It is the most widespread Chilean medicinal species due to the extensive scientific evidence of it´s benefits and is part of farmacopeas around the world.

  • Product Name: Dried Boldo leaves
  • Common Names: Peta, Voldu, Boldu
  • Scientific name: Peumus Boldus
  • Cultivation: Wild
  • Dehydrated: Shaded
  • Harvest Date: December through March
  • Harvest: By hand
  • Formats: Whole leaves, Pressed leaves and Tea cut