Pine Fungi, Boletus Luteus or Suillus Luteus

Boletus Luteus has great gastronomical value and it is considered one of the most atractive kind of the Boletus fungi due to its intense sweet fruity flavor and its firm pleasant texture, which stands out in any food preparation.

It’s a species that can be found in Chile, from central to southern zones where it proliferates in humid forests near de base of trees such as Pines, Chestnut, haselnut and Eucalyptus where its fructications can be found on late autumm to early winter depending on the weather conditions

Boteltus upper part or hat, is brown and covex shaped with a diameter of 4 to 10 cm, but it can reach up to 12 cm. It is brown and very viscose when fresh. The term “luteus” means “yellow” which is one characteristic of its bottom part which has fine yellow tubes that turn more vivid when ripe.


Boletus Lusteus has a high mineral content and is a good source of potassium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamins B2 and B3 which makes it highy benefitial for cardiovascular health as well as an excellent antioxidant.

  • Product Name: Dried Boletus Luteus mushroom
  • Common Names: Pine Mushrooms, mushrooms, edible mushrooms or Funghi
  • Scientific name: Suillus luteus, Boletus luteus
  • Cultivation: Wild
  • Dehydration: Sun-dried or industrial oven dried depending on harvest time
  • Harvest Date: September, October / April and May
  • Process Harvest: By hand
  • Format: dehydrated